Ring Size Calculation

Theoretically you can learn your ring size the methods we explained below however, practically it is almost impossible to make accurate calculation. The only way you can accurately calculate your ring size is measuring your ring's diameter that you currently wear with a digital micro caliper. If this way is not possible, the best thing you should do, visiting a jewelry store to learn your ring size for free. 


1. Method:  Measure your ring's inner diameter

  • Put horizontally your ring that you currently wearing on a white paper. Be sure that ring is scatheless and wedding bands is giving most accurate results for this calculation.
  • Draw the inner circle with a pencil has sharp tip.
  • Measure this circle's diameter by using ruler.
  • Type this length in mm type and notify us this diameter length when you order 
  • In this method, each 1mm wrong measurement cause 3 ring size deviation.

2. Method: Circumference measurement by using rope

  • Wrap a rope tightly around your ring finger's last node.
  • Connect end of ropes then cut from there. 
  • Measure length of rope that you wrap
  • Type this length in mm type and check it from the table below.
  • In this method, each 1mm wrong measurement cause 1 ring size deviation.



3. Method: Paper Strip

  • Please download the picture below right corner by right click and "save as" your computer.
  • After that print the picture with a printer and hole from dash line.
  • Wrap the paper tightly and pass end of paper through the hole then mark the number that is your ring size.
  • This is most unreliable method, we strictly don't recommend this measurement